Bone-pointing is aboriginal`s practice of pointing a sharpened bone at an enemy and uttering incantations conjuring his illness, disability, or death.

   And it is a method of execution. It is said to leave no trace, and never fails to kill its victim. The bone is made of either human, kangaroo, emu or even wood. Bone-pointing`s shape is varies from tribe to tribe. The lengths can be from six to nine inches and look like a long needle. Before it can be used, the kundela is charged with a powerful psychic energy in a ritual that is kept secret from women and those who are not tribe members. To be effective, the ritual must be performed faultlessly. The bone is then given to the kurdaitcha, who are the tribe’s ritual killers.

   The condemned peoples may live for several days or even weeks. But, they believe so strongly in the curse that has been uttered, that they will surely die. It is said that the ritual loading of the kundela creates a “spear of thought” which pierces the victim when the bone is pointed at him. It is as if an actual spear has been thrust at them and their death is certain.

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My infancy`smemory

I visited The Disny World in Florida when I was 3 years old, with my parent.

That time was for the first time that I rode airplane, so I was tensed up before took off.

But reached destination in safety while I slept

After we arrived The Disny World, I enjoyed many attractions and parade.

There were many kind of attractions which I didn`t look in Japanese Disny Land.

Of all others my favorite attraction was Donaldo`s ship which sprinkle around with water.

I played it again and again!

And parade was large scale and colorful so I was fascinated very much.

My best memory was characters autographed my sketchbook!

That time my mother had a difficult time telling characters my name`s correct spelling.

My mother`s “R” pronunciation wasn`t understand by them.

So some autographs are mistake my name.

But it`s my greatest treasure.

I enjoyed this trip, but one thing was bad memory. That is orange juice`s taste.

That juice felt like powder, so I didn`t like it!

I can remember that taste now.

Finally that trip was before that my brother was born, so I want to visit there again with all my family!

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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